The Lovers

L’ Amour is the french word for love…

The ‘Lovers’ wine club is for those who love their wine and in particular the Amour range and seeking something a little bit extra from their wine experience and this membership will surely tick that box.

Membership is by referral or enquiry and there are no extra costs, rather discounted prices and access to the very best barrels each vintage which are not available to the public. These wines will be made only for ‘The Lovers’ each vintage, starting with the 2019 ‘Double Barrel’ Shiraz, the 2 best barrels selected, matured for 2 years in new and old french oak, bottle aged for 2 years then the Double Barrel is released with a 6 pack allocation per ‘Lover’.

To be a ‘Lover’ membership means purchasing a 6 pack of wine every 6 months, whether its Chardonnay for the summer or Pinot and Shiraz for winter these are the conditions of membership and of course you are entitled to more than your allocation, just enquire or order through the website.

Along with special access to small batch premium wines you will also receive news updates seasonally throughout the year.

Thanks for the support, enjoy the benefits.

Matt and Katie Eades

Expression Of Interest

Email us at and we will contact you with details on how to become a Lover!